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Graduates of volunteer chaplaincy program prepare to serve community

IDAHO FALLS – Twelve people in Idaho Falls will soon be teaming up with law enforcement officers to become their first volunteer chaplains.

Pastor Tim Rupp and Senior Chaplain Christa Trinchera started Law Enforcement Chaplaincy of Idaho, a nonprofit training program, earlier this year.

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Winning a Gunfight

Does physically surviving a gunfight mean you won? Not by a long shot. Many people survive gunfights. In fact, most people who are in a gunfight survive. But there’s a difference between surviving and winning.

Winning is More than Surviving

Police and military chaplains are called on to minister to those who kill. Violence is shunned in our society, but justified violence is sometimes necessary to stop unjustified violence. Even the wise King Solomon said, there is “a time to kill” (Eccl. 3:3).

Suicide is Not an Option

America’s law enforcement officers are significantly more likely to die by suicide than being murdered in the line of duty.

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